Liquid waterproofing

Water infiltration problem? Liquid waterproofing

Soprema's liquid membrane is used to waterproof your surfaces.

A waterproofing problem is a situation where your surface is unable to resist the penetration of water or moisture. Concrete waterproofing can be applied to a single crack in the concrete or to your entire structure.

In certain situations, a liquid membrane is essential to protect your concrete from water infiltration or moisture-related problems. This procedure will protect your concrete over the long term. Not all concrete surfaces need to be waterproofed.

In general, simply protecting your concrete with our coatings will give your concrete adequate protection.

What is Soprema liquid waterproofing membrane?

Soprema Liquid membraneis a waterproofing membrane with a 600% elongation capacity. Because it’s a liquid membrane, it allows you to waterproof your surface without the need for joints. It is waterproof but air-permeable, allowing your concrete to breathe.

Here are a few examples where the liquid membrane is indispensable:

  • A room under your roof terrace
  • A cold room under your balcony
  • A room under your garage floor
  • An outdoor wooden structure

Soprema’ s liquid membrane is compatible with all PolyPlay Surfaces finishing products. Once the membrane has been installed, you can cover it with our quartz stone or rubberquartz.

Advantages of Soprema liquid membrane

Soprema depuis plus de 100 ans

Lightweight, high-performance system

Compatible with many substrates

Fast drying time

600% elongation

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