Quartz Carpet interior

What is the best interior flooring product?

The floor coating Quartz Carpet interior!

We compared 3 interior floorings

Faced with industry favourites such as ceramic, granite, slate and terrazzo, our comparative test allowed us to discover quartz as an interior floor covering exceeding all expectations. Having proven itself in more than 35 countries already, Quartz Carpet, this top-of-the-line but affordable coating is essential for flooring, backsplash and wall coverings. Whatever the nature of your project, kitchen, bathroom or other, quartz will charm you with its rich variety of designs and its flexibility of applications.

Les Surfaces Polyplay - Quartz carpet interior -fireplace

Used on:

  • showroom
  • professional office (lawyer, architect, dentist, etc.)
  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • garage
  • staircase
  • and much more!
/ Comparative elements
 Stone tiles (slate, granite)CeramicQuartz Carpet
Seamless installation  Yes
Heat conductorYesYesYes
Non-slip  Yes
Easy to cleanYesYesYes
Sub-floor leveling not requiredLeveledLeveledNone
Corrects levels  Yes

The best choice

Quartz Carpet


Corrects ground imperfections

Applied and installed using a trowel, the quartz aggregate can correct any defect in the existing substrate.


Available in a multitude of colour choices

Quartz Carpet has a rich palette offering more than 1000 colours.


Customizable design

When applied with a trowel, it easily creates the coveted shapes and design styles.


Provides great shock resistance

On the 1 to 10 Mohs hardness scale, with diamond (10) being the hardest, quartz follows very closely with a value of 7.


Optimizes the performance of heated floors

The air between the small quartz stones heats up almost instantly, conducting more heat and allowing you to quickly feel the pleasant effect of heat near the feet.

Why choose Quartz Carpet — Interior coating?


Offering a rich variety of colours, Quartz Carpet allows you to obtain a most customizable design and a unique look. Versatile product par excellence, it adapts to all types of elevations and offers unlimited application flexibility, whatever the nature of your floor covering project.

The quartz carpet is a resistant floor and wall covering. It combines granules of coloured quartz and an epoxy resin. When customers wish for a durable surface, we recommend the quartz carpet.

The quartz carpet is applied by hand with a thickness of about 5–7 mm on an existing surface. It creates a seamless aesthetic surface. The durability and practicality of the quartz carpet allow it to be applied in a variety of architectural fields: commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional. It is becoming a popular choice for car showrooms and professional offices. The elegance of the Quartz Carpet allows it to be installed in several prestigious car showrooms, including AMG Mercedes, Maserati and Audi.

The size of the quartz aggregate is 2-3 mm and it is available in over 4000 colour options for special orders. At Les Surfaces PolyPlay, we have 8 trendy colours in inventory. For indoor application, an acrylic filling resin can be applied to the quartz carpet in places like the bathroom and kitchen. The purpose of this resin is to seal the quartz aggregate. The “Pore Filled” finish is available in a glossy or matte.

Surfaces Polyplay - Quartz Carpet intérieur choix de couleurs
Surfaces Polyplay - Performance du Quartz Carpet


Possessing the ability to correct differences in levels and defects in the existing substrate, quartz granulate is known for its impact resistance. Retaining both heat and freshness, its conductor quality also makes it possible to accentuate the performance of heated floors. Finally, initially permeable, quartz is a material which can easily be equipped with a waterproof function as required.

Inside, the quartz aggregate will usually be mixed with an epoxy resin. We can also mix it with polyurethane for one-day installations. The quartz aggregate can remain in “stone carpet” open in areas like the living room, bedroom, basement. In areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom, we will opt for an installation of the “closed stone carpet” type, which consists of sealing the quartz with an acrylic resin.

Robustness and durability

Virtually maintenance-free, this flooring material shows exemplary durability. Over time, it will retain its quality in terms of finish and colour and will be resistant to cracking. For a robust floor covering that will last, Quartz Carpet is without question the product of choice.


A product that has proven itself in Europe for more than 25 years

Used in over 35 countries, Quartz Carpet is an indoor and outdoor floor covering product, referred by the greatest specialists for more than 25 years. Offering several distinct advantages which render it a material of choice, it offers a great flexibility of applications which renders it adaptable to any type of project, whatever your inspiration.