Mercedes Canada

Client : Mercedes Canada

Product: Quartz Carpet
Installations: Toronto, Burlington, Brampton, Kitchener, Oakville, Windsor, Québec, St-Nicolas, West Island, Blainville, Laval, Ottawa, Gatineau

Challenge: Do the work without closing the dealers

The project with Mercedes Canada consists in creating a Quartz Carpet zone for their section of performance vehicles: Mercedes AMG.

The Quartz Carpet system consists of a ceramic primer. Subsequently, we mix the 2-3 mm quartz aggregate with an epoxy or polyurethane binder. Once the mixture is ready, it will be troweled directly on the ground to allow a joint-free surface.

Our primer designed specifically for ceramic allows us to install without having to remove the old ceramic. This benefit allows the dealership to continue operating in a dust-free and noise-free environment. Quartz Carpet’s specially designed primer allows car traffic directly on the quartz. With more than 10 Mercedes dealerships in recent years, Surfaces PolyPlay stands out for its management, efficiency and product quality offered to customers.The right product in the right place.