Acrylic coating Chicoutimi

What is the best vertical surface coating product?

The acrylic coating used by Les Surfaces Polyplay Saguenay

Acrylic coatings for concrete are extremely high-performance products. They are composed of a primary polymer cement base into which a fiberglass membrane is applied. The acrylic coating is then trowelled or sprayed onto the customer’s surface. The stages can vary depending on the customer’s project.

Specialist in Acrylic Coatings for House Floors: Meet Martin and his team

Les Surfaces PolyPlay Saguenay offers specializedacrylic coating installation services for home flooring in the Saguenay region. Take advantage of their local expertise to protect and beautify your floor.

The acrylic installation steps ensure that your floor continues to breathe while remaining waterproof. We call this characteristic: air-permeable and waterproof. These 2 features are essential for the sustainability of your project.

In addition to protecting and waterproofing your foundations, acrylic is much more resistant than cementitious plasters and paints. An acrylic coating installed to the right specifications means efficiency, durability and elegance.

Your flooring deserves top-quality protection from the elements, while adding an aesthetic touch to your home. Martin and his team understand the importance of these crucial elements to your property, and are committed to providing you with customized solutions that meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Acrylic Coatings

Weather resistance:

Theacrylic coating forms a protective barrier against external elements such as rain, snow, wind and UV rays, shielding the flooring from damage caused by prolonged exposure to weather conditions.


By effectively sealing the surface of the flooring,acrylic coating helps prevent water infiltration and reduces the risk of dampness inside the home, which can help prevent mold and rot problems.


Acrylic coating is known for its ability to stretch and contract in response to the natural movements of the flooring due to changes in temperature and humidity. This flexibility reduces the risk of cracks and coating delamination over time.

Durable adhesion:Acrylic coating adheres effectively to a variety of building materials, including concrete, wood and brick, ensuring a strong, long-lasting bond with the flooring surface.

Improved aesthetics: Available in a wide range of colors and finishes,acrylic coating can be customized to complement the style and aesthetics of the home, enhancing its visual appeal and aesthetic value.

Low-maintenance: Once applied,acrylic coating is generally low-maintenance, making it a practical choice for homeowners seeking a durable, low-maintenance coating for their flooring.

Acrylic coating is a high-performance product

When an acrylic coating is used to cover your foundation, it is usually applied as a waterproof, breathable coating. In short, it doesn’t let water through, but lets air through to allow your concrete to breathe. Acrylic coatings must be applied to foundations in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, taking into account the particularities of the foundation and local environmental conditions. It’s important to entrust your work to professionals in the field. At PolyPlay, all our installers are trained to meet your expectations.